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ASAT- A step towards destruction

  A SAT: A SHED FOR DESTRUCTION   “Searching for satellites and celestial spheres  nurturing acolytes down through the years”  -Searching for satellites, Wishbone Ash 2011  Lyrics are like a code that you decipher from your own perspective. The lyrics above artfully express Wishbone Ash’s discreet tribute to public international law. But that’s my perception.  In our current political climate, it is of utmost importance that we safeguard outer space. ASAT, an anti-satellite weapon, threatens to endanger the peaceful exploration of space due to unwanted space debris unless the international laws come to our rescue. But the Outer Space Treaty, often hailed as “The Magna Carta of International Space Law” does not define the term "outer space" comprehensively. Consequently, ASATs jurisdiction comes under the illusion; as if any experiment has been targeted from the ground to disrupt the satellite revolving in Earth’s orbit comes under terrestrial boundary or outer space act.  It’
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Hathras Rape and Murder: Cremation is at stake

Background Facts   A 19-year old Dalit girl was brutally gang-raped on Sep.14th at her village in Hathras, some 200kms. from Delhi. She was cutting grass with her family in a field. Soon after,  she was dragged by her dupatta in the vicinity of that spot. As per the news, doctors claimed that three bones in her neck were fractured along with a ruptured spinal cord. They believed that she bit her tongue and cut it when her attackers were strangling her. Soon after, her family members took her to Safdarjung Hospital  in UP.  Investigation   FIR was registered (u/s 154 crpc) on 14th September under SC/ST act and Sec.307 of the IPC (attempt to murder). On 15th September, police officials went to take the statement of victim at Aligarh JNU’s Hospital  but she was not in a such state to do so. The same thing went for a few days, and then on 22nd of September she regained  consciousness and gave her statement. The statement of an accused led to a further allegation under sec.375-d of The IP

Wrongful Conviction of Husband

  Indian criminal law in respect of gender neutralization is way far from other countries. When it comes to violence against women, men are considered guilty until proven innocent. I am feminist, by far you would have judged by the title. Let me ask you a question, assuming the fact that you all are against Larceny. How would you feel when someone wrongly accused you of stealing something? Do you feel personally responsible? Do you feel guilty? Today, I would like to discuss the wrongful convictions made to the husband under sec.304-b.  Answers are pretty obvious, so why when it comes to violence against women, the husband should feel guilty or personally responsible even without any mistake. Currently, various activists are working for woman rights. But, why not for husbands they too can be get framed under Indian sensitive women laws for no reason. India's criminal conviction rate is around  46% . It shows that our courts have found merits only in 46% of cases. The sole pur